One of the few instances of bipartisanship was criminal justice reform.

People on both sides of the aisle including the vast majority of law enforcement agencies judges and prosecutors recognized that keeping an ever growing percentage of our population incarcerated for nonviolent crimes was actually counterproductive to the possibility of integrating these people who made mistakes back into the community. We were far from the point of having an enlightened system but moving in that direction. The policies of Jeff Sessions have taken us back to the failed policies of the 1950s and 60s a period of time that has mentally never left.

From an economic standpoint, the cost of keeping large numbers of our citizens in federal prison is astronomical. The prison system cost $7.6 billion to operate in 2016. Billions could be saved by reducing sentences for non-violent offenders to appropriate terms and putting more resources into prevention, rehabilitation and integration back into the general population. That means more than job training, it means partnering with businesses of all sizes to put these people back to work with the possibility of a future and not just return them to the environment that led them to criminality where their only choice is crime or the streets. We need to correct a system that makes any criminal conviction a life sentence. We need more taxpayers!