To save this great Nation, we have to elect Representatives to Congress that put country over party and people over big money special interests!

There is only one way to defeat big money in politics and that is with small money. Thousands of donations made by average people that are tired of our pay for play Congress. My Republican opponent, has access to millions of dollars from the Koch Brothers, the NRA, and a few local billionaire developers. Why should he listen to anyone but those who line his pockets? I will work tirelessly to improve the lives of the people in the 11th District and ALL Americans not just a privileged few. Together we can make a difference but I need you help. Please donate what you can to my campaign today. Every donation helps send a message to Washington that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, CHANGE IS COMING!

You can mail a check to:

Ronald Reid for Congress

P.O. Box 1089

Fruitland Park, Fl 34731

You can securely and easily donate through ActBlue or PayPal.