I will support policies that will establish and maintain a 1.5-3% annual growth in GDP.

This the growth rate of a healthy, mature economy.

Higher growth rates seen developing countries spur inflation in mature economies. The end result is a net loss in personal income for all, but the wealthiest.  Policies and legislation that promote sustainable growth in all sectors of the economy are essential. I will support investment in our crumbling infrastructure, cutting edge technologies, and the development of renewable energy. I will work tirelessly to bring high paying jobs to the 11th District. Why should our children have to move to Orlando or Tampa to find a job that gives them a shot at the American dream? Why isn’t the 11th District America’s solar energy capital? Additionally, I will support legislation that aids existing job producers such as construction, agriculture, and tourism among other sectors.

The Trump budget eliminates federal aid that supports small family farms in my district. I will fight to ensure the survival of the family farm as well as policies that support ranchers, citrus, produce farming and other agricultural businesses.

I will fight for legislation that will support the continued growth in the health care industry as well as protect the rights of those who use their services.