The Trump administration has gutted the Environmental Protection Agency putting Scott Pruitt, a climate change denier in charge.

Trump has also signed executive orders removing protections for thousands of acres of federal lands. In short, this administration is a disaster for the environment seemingly oblivious to the effects their short sighted industrialism will have not only today but for future generations.

This complete disregard for our environment and rape of federal lands must be stopped! I strongly oppose the practice of fracking, subsea drilling in the Arctic and drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge! Having said that, I am also open to the use of certain federal lands for mining, lumber, drilling and other activities done in an environmentally responsible manner.

I support strongly support our farmers, ranchers and citrus producers, but we must take strong measures to keep pesticides and fertilizer runoff from poisoning our precious lakes, waterways, and wetlands. We have seen the damage that can be done in Lake Apopka, Lake Griffin, and the Florida Everglades when the proper steps are not taken. Cognizant government agencies can and must work with our agriculture industry and other business that could impact the environment as partners to keep our beautiful Florida home pristine.  Never again should we have to ask when we catch a fish in a Florida lake or river Are the fish safe to eat?

I also believe legislation should be passed that would require profit sharing for any private enterprise using federal lands for oil or mineral mining. Federal lands are OUR lands and should not be given away so that a few billionaires can add more money to their already bloated accounts citing the creation of a few jobs most of which are filled by their existing employees. These funds would be used to support federal land management and environmental programs such as the restoration of waterways, wetlands, and other native habitats.

The United States should be a leader in greenhouse gas reduction. Pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord is a clear signal once again that we are withdrawing from our global leadership position in yet another critical area of importance turning our backs on future generations.