We must secure our borders.

I oppose an open border policy for a myriad of reasons with the threat of terrorist entering this country unchecked being at the top of the list. Having said that, the building of a wall along our southern border with Mexico is laughably absurd. The cost of such a project would be between $20-25 billon and that would be just the initial construction costs assuming there are no delays or cost overruns. The wall would also require the government to take private property in some cases dissecting private land and even communities. Worse, in order to justify this wall, Donald Trump has sought to vilify millions of Mexican immigrants characterizing them as “rapist, drug dealers, and thieves” preying upon the fears of Americans worried about violent crime and terrorist threats and threatened to shut down the government if he does not get his wall funded.

The truth of the matter is the vast majority of immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America are coming to this country to escape crime and poverty and NOT to perpetrate crimes on Americans. Possibly the most unfortunate aspect of this ridiculous stage play is that it diverts attention from the real issue and that is the fight against terrorism. The most effective way to sort out the good and bad among those immigrating from the south is to greatly expand our guest worker program so that those people without criminal intent can cross legally to fill the predominately unskilled labor positions they are filling now. These are jobs that Americans simply do not wish to do. If the good people can cross without fear that means the only people avoiding legal entry points are the bad guys. Using drones, electronic surveillance and strategically positioned well-equipped border agents is the answer here.

Creating a false enemy takes attention and resources from the real enemies of America ISIS, Al Qaeda, human traffickers, hackers working for hostile states and other entities that seek to do economic or physical harm to America or its citizens. This where we must concentrate and adequately fund our resources.