As a career Navy man I understand the critical need for a strong military able not only to protect our country from any threat, but to effectively project power anywhere on the globe this nation deems necessary to protect our interests.

Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines must be the best trained, best equipped, and best supported in the world. Additionally, we must take care of their families who support them as if they were our own. The finest medical and psychological care must be provided to all of military but especially those returning from combat or deployment and their families. This care must continue after they are discharged and become veterans.Far too often administrations send our service members into harm’s way and then conveniently forget their promises of care and opportunity when they return.

I will always support legislation that ensures a strong military regardless which side of the aisle authors it, but I will vigorously question the use of military power by the President particularly when committing our forces to combat. Our men and women are NOT statistics! They are mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. None of them want to earn a purple heart, none want be among the honored dead nor do their families want to be “Gold Star” families. Nothing is more precious than the blood of our nation’s sons and daughters and I will not support a combat operation that is not of critical national interest. Then there must be a clear objective and end point.

No more Vietnams! No more Iraqs! No more Afghanistans!