The middle class needs tax relief, unfortunately, all the Republicans in Congress want to do is give more money to the wealthiest one percent.

Tax reform legislation recently passed by Congress is a disaster! It is nothing less than a huge tax break to multi-billion dollar corporations and the super wealthy “donor class” while adding an estimated $1.4 trillion to the national debt.  This may well be the most deceptive and self-serving piece of legislation passed by Congress in modern U.S. history. I will team with other Democrats and Republicans who wish to do the right thing for this country by closing tax loopholes for the rich and give much-needed tax relief to the middle class. Pass a 30% minimum tax on the wealthy, tax capital gains at the same rate as other income with the exception of retirement plans for those making less than $250K a year.  

These first steps can reduce the tax rate on the average American while increasing tax revenue to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, finance college loan relief, programs for our elderly and strengthen our military.  Increasing the tax burden on the middle class while stuffing the pockets of the top one percent adding trillions of dollars to the national debt is not the way balance the federal budget!