As a 23 year veteran of the U.S. Navy, veteran’s causes are my causes and I will do anything and everything in my power to assure veterans issues receive the priority and funding they deserve.

As a disabled veteran, I will spare no effort in support of my brothers and sisters in arms. The Veterans Administration must be properly staffed, funded and modernized to deliver the best possible service our veterans. Time from discharge to the assignment of a disability rating if warranted must be slashed. Many service members could and should receive the required medical evaluation and disability assignment before they leave active duty. There is no reason American service personnel should not leave the service with their disability rating and care plan in hand. The medical data systems of the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs must be synchronized such when a member leaves service their medical records will seamlessly transfer. 

The appeals process for cases in the Veteran’s Administration must be streamlined and made veteran friendly. Too often veterans with valid claims are treated as wanting an undeserved handout when all they are trying to do is get what was promised to them. My brother spent years in the VA appeals process even with definitive documentation from well respected physicians including some of the VA’s own doctors before finally receiving his deserved disability rating from his service during the Vietnam Conflict.  Unfortunately, his case is the norm rather than the exception.  This has to change! 

We must expand mental health and rehabilitation services for our veterans and their families. Politicians that say they honor our service men and women and then refuse to pass legislation to provide resources to our service members. This political lip service disrespects and dishonors our brave men and women that have honorably served our country.